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Игорь Иванович Гурчин
I think, that ancestors wait for that hour when about them will recollect and will thank us their protection
Gurchin (Hurczyn) Igor Ivanovich
Novocherkassk, Russia

From time immemorial people attached great importance to preservation of memory about bygone generations and names of ancestors. Interest to the sort, family always was considered natural. The respectful attitude to precepts of ancestors, reverence of their memory was developed by many centuries due to what the family life of our people differed strong tradition. Any pious family is fastened with three levels of relations: spiritual construction, forming of mutual relations between members of family and an economic accomplishment. On the first place there was the spiritual life of family. That put on stamp on all another thing.

Family histories, memory of far ancestors were from generation to generation transferred. In family remember church book it was frequently contain up to several hundred names of the relatives living in previous 100-150 years ago. And it did not depend on a degree of riches, even on the contrary.

Moral falling of people begins with loss of respect for ancestors, their affairs, achievements. For years of godlessness the spiritual base of the state has been destroyed. Along with the class – memory of them destroyed. Moral and ideological contradictions between the fathers and children was taken  the first place. Patrimonial communication is considered as something only mechanical. The essence of family decomposed and destroyed. A healthy voice of family relationship stops.
Is it possible to restore the sense of clan? How to revive at people interest to the origin, roots, to a history of the family and the country? Is it important now? When and with what it is necessary to begin this work?

These questions in Russia are especially actual. 2-I All-Russian genealogical exhibition, held at the Joint Bryansk museum of local lore in summer 2006, was devoted to finding an answer to these questions. The special attention was given to children. To opening an exhibition in Bryansk area has passed competition among schoolboys and students « I Am proud of roots the ancient ». Among works young participants were both nobiliary and peasant origins.

After revolution of 1917 the contents of textbooks on a history has been purposefully changed. Before school the task has been put – to justify necessity of the revolution accomplished by bolsheviks: first – overthrows of tsar, and then and the Provisionalgovernment. The young generation should not be proud of ancestors. It is necessary to show insignificance of their aspirations, their vital interests. The family relationship , the family legend as a matter of fact have been destroyed.  Naturally, the patrimonial feeling has been weakened also, that is the base of family which searched for a support in tradition, in a history has been broken. With renunciation of the old world, children renounced of fathers and of grandad testaments.

Let's recollect a pre-revolutionary history of our peoples, inhabited the western part of then Russia, that is Ukraine,Belarus, Lithuania and Poland. It represented continuous to a turn of changes of local and foreign authorities, language and juridical preferences. Nevertheless, moral and family attitudes were very strong. Firmness derives from the fact that a healthy spirit brought up in the family since the childhood. The human experience has shown that immoral brought up child will not become respectable man. To return back almost it is impossible. In this respect in Russia film on B.Strugatski stories “Wild swans” recently has been shown. The father could not  restore the daughter in their personal world, because she brought up in an elite school.

Who in family is the main thing responsible for education of the child? If to judge on physical contact, that, certainly, - mother. If to judge on psychological contact, father. This shows very well in his article A. Hinevich – known Belarusian scientist.  I shall quote his paragraph.
“When see a miracle created by hands of the person, what the person involuntarily says? He speaks: «Oh, my father!». He recollects the father because men always were creators. They created on the native ground all miracles..You notice: all of them worked,  put soul in fruits of the work, save and transferred  a surname“.

All of us know, that Caucasian peoples are not throwing their relatives in distress. That writes A.Hinevich in this article.
“ But, notice, what is good at Caucasian peoples? The ability to live according to tribal foundations and tribal laws. Unimportantly, what laws are registered in the state. For them it is more important observance of the patrimonial law. The word of the grown-up in a family is and there is a law. But any elder a clan never will wish harm or destruction the clan. The same always was at slavs and aryan”.

I address to visitors of ours website in what occasion. I am already 77 years old.
My ancestors from village Kurenec region Vilejka of modern Belarus. So happened, that about the my ancestors I have learned from the uncle shortly before his death. He has opened secret of our nobility. This information was hidden so as not to spoil proletarian biography. At Gorbachev when still was the USSR, I have visited to Historical archive of Lithuania and have found there the genealogical tree clan Gurchin (Hurczyn), which in 1837 was created my grandgrandfather Fadey (Tadeusz). At the tree are all Gurchins, starting in 1600 with approximately. I thought this as a wish ancestor – to refresh the tree through 150 years. A result of this work became creation of a website of clan Gurchin –

The basic skeleton of a clan lives on the historical native land – today's Lithuania. It was found out, that among Gurchins simple namesakes are not present. As it is not sad, but the most part of the information about Gurchins Lithuania (on Lithuania – Gurchinas, Gurcinas) has been received during Soviet time. I hoped, that restoration of independence of Lithuania will revive interest to restoration of genealogical  relations. If to look on genealogical tree on a website of clan Gurchin, it is possible to see still more many naked branch, not having continuations. Almost all Gurchin, who were registered in telephonic and postal directories of Lithuania, had been dispatched letters with the offer to be connected to refresh of tree. The big work is necessary on translation of a site and tree on the Lithuanian and Polish language.

In according to census the population and to telephone directories, number Gurchins per capita most of all in Belarus in area Lida. A high probability that it is possible to find related connections just on border of Lithuania and Belarus.  Attempts to contact Lidian appeared unsuccessful. Only three persons have responded, but they know nothing about the ancestors and the more so about a "noble" origin. And all this in 100 km from border with the historical native land. What causes historically have destroyed the traditional veneration of ancestors at Lidians. The probable reasons lay in the Soviet authority. Now there is no question “Who is guilty?”  and  “What to do?”. The history of peoples shows, that is necessary to correct position. It will demand expenses of work and education. It is necessary to contact libraries and archives. One of Lidian, who supports with me contact, has tried  communicate to all Gurchins and to suggest to be connected to searches, but interest has not found. The some people complained of difficult life and to them not up to ancestors.

I hope, that after the publication of this article  will be found many enthusiasts – patriots of the native land, in the most direct sense. Because from youth, their children depends spirituality homeland, they also need to involve the search work. In this regard, the interesting case of attracting of schoolboys to genealogy, which is contained in the materials of the 2- Russian genealogical exhibition. She was the summer of 2006 in the "Joint Bryansk museum of local lore".

The special attention was given children. To opening an exhibition in Bryansk area has passed competition among schoolboys and students «I Am proud of roots the ancient». Works of three winners have taken a worthy place in an exposition. The first place was awarded the student - first-year student of polytechnical college Andrey Bobunov, who made genealogical tree from 28 generations and has reached in the researches up to prince Rededi, wich was mention in « the Word about shelf Igor». The second and third place has got to pupils of Bryansk schools. The schoolgirl who has occupied the third place, has found out, that is grandgranddaughtered niece Tarasa of Shevchenko - the great poet of Ukraine. Among works young member of competition were both nobiliary, and peasantry birth. I think, that initiative of Bryanskian is worthy of repetition among Lithuanians, Poles, Byelorussians,  Ukrainians and, certainly, Russian. Gurchins – the famous clan, in it is a lot of those, whom it is possible to be proud.

I hope, that family tree branch the all Gurchins will be lifted from the ground and attached to united worthy tree clan. I hope, that in this question would greatly assist from a company and a brotherhood of Lithuanians, Poles, Russians, Ukraine and Byelorussians in the different countries. By virtue of historical reasons Gurchins may have different citizenship, different variants of a spelling of a surname, however the native land at them one – the native land of ancestors and a first-born surname at them one – Hurczyn.

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