The line of Jeronim Gurchin

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Jeronim medziai (100%)

История "Герб Крупосин"

According to official documents, this line recorded the year 1653, when the nobleman Jeronime Gurchin emblem Kruposin bequeathed their estates sons. Manor located in central and eastern Lithuania, as if it was a Polish-Lithuanian state.
    After the conquest of Poland, Russia aristocracy was confirmed Geroldiey Russia. There is a formal family tree of the genus in 1898. Name Gurchin contributed encyclopedia Brockhaus and Efrona 1893, 1904 years.
    We find the descendants of most branches of the tree. Most of them (about 50) live at the historic home - Lithuania and the Lithuanian version is family name – Gurchinas (Gurcinas). Many of them have a correspondence. On the territory of modern Russia a few lives in St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Moscow, Stavropol and Novocherkassk. These are the people who identified thus far. Total tree Jeronime contains about 190 persons.

Family Tree Jeronim


Family Tree


Герб Крупосин

Иероним Гурчин
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Аптека основанная Даниилом Гурчиным

Алексей Гурчин
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Гурчины, деревня (район Свислочский, Гродненская область)