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This line comes from the Polish shlyahtich Alexei Gurchin. The name of the emblem of its kind could not be determined. His son - Daniel in the 1672 made the draft a glass factory to Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich, and in 1701 received from Peter I the right to the first popular pharmacy in Moscow. Son Daniel - Dmitri was pharmacists Moscow and the personal healers with Anne Ioanovne. She sent him with a delicate mission to Ukraine to ataman Mazeppa.

     From him he received "Universale "(documents, diplomas). In 1722 he left the town Nezhin and moved to village Kruty Borzyanskoy (Chernihiv) province, where the continued service of pharmacists. Since then, this line has become a Ukrainian and existing descendants originate from Nezhinsk county.

     In 1730 for the highest decree Dmitry was returned to Moscow, where he died in 1733 and was buried in Grebenitsk church seemed to have some merit.

     In archival collection Chernigovsked noble elected assembly in 1786 for "On reviewing the nobility, on the approval of various persons in the nobility and noble birth records" in the book appear Gurchins Dmitry Danilovich, Polish shlyahtich, his son Matvey. They made the decision of the committee and decreed to inscribe them in the second part of noble lineage books (the kind of military nobility).  Semen Matveevich was hundreds, he became Ataman Zankovsky hundreds of Ukraine. It is legally resulted in the loss for them of Russian titles of nobility.

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