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 The purpose of our club is primarily the restoration of genealogy, seeking information genealogical and historical nature about Representatives family names Gurchin.

 We think everyone is interesting to know whence came his race and where the "family nest" or that indicates his family name. Study of those issues, too, is the goal of our club.

 Many Gurchiny were victims of the king's, Stalin and other harassment, have been killed and missing in various wars, uprisings, during collectivization, etc. Search for material of such people and restore their good name is also included in the objectives of our work.

 Our website is visited by guests from 12 countries. The Fate sent Gurchin around the world, but they have one goal - not to forget their historic homeland.

 We feel obliged to state that we do not intend to pursue our activities in any political and commercial purpose, to preach racial and ethnic or religious discord.

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Гурчины, деревня (район Свислочский, Гродненская область)
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