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vil. Gurchiny
Belarus, Grodno reg.,Svisloch dis.

Large stone vintage
castle Gurchin (Goorchin Castle),
- Is in Iran (West Azerbaijan) and is located on the island of Lake Urmia. To reach the castle, it is necessary to travel 70 km. from the city of Urmia on a winding mountain road. Here in the difficult moments of infighting brave warriors - were kept defenses.


Island Gurchin (Ogurchinsky)
Its name, according to reference books, was due to the natural boundary of the neighborhood with Ogurcha. Turkic tribe lived here Ogurjaly - spirited people, pirates.


vil. Dashkovka, Minsk region
HISTORY The town Dashkovka-Vilejka-Kurenetz


"Fotografiya" Rembrandt ". Fotograf court of His Majesty the Shah Persidski. Vilna (Vilnius, Lithuania) Blagovischenskaya st., "Gurchin house", Dominikony st. 15/1. Vitold Gurchin lived here ".
About the Persian Shah - it is for importance.
April 4, 1903

 Ukraine, vil. Kruty
Son Daniel - was a chemist Dmitri of Moscow and the court doctor at Anna Ivanovna. She sent him a delicate mission to the Ukraine to the Mazepa.
In 1722 he went to t. Nezhyn, vil. Kruty of Borzyanskoy (Chernigov) province. From this point on this line became Ukrainian and existing descendants of here originate.

Vyhvostov (ukr. Vihvost�v) � a village, Chernihiv oblast (Ukraine).
In the story M. Kotsubinski "Fata morgana" describes the events of the peasant revolt, went down in history as Vyhvostovskaya tragedy in 1905. and how tragically killed Sawa Gurchin only for what broke a window in a house.


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Jeronim Gurchin
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Alexei Gurchin
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