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Gurchin Daniel Alex

Фрагмент грамоты

Born in Poland (1640), received education there and came to Russia in the number of foreign doctors invited by Peter I in Russian service.
In 1699 he was granted the Myasnitskaya Street land under the building pharmacies, which he built at his own expense, and then turned to Peter I, a petition, asking to issue licence.
December 28, 1701  y. Daniel A. got it and became the owner of the second private pharmacies in Moscow.. Since then, he called himself " a pharmacist of his Majesty". He studied natural science activities, and he tried to prepare medicines.
He designed glass plant in Izmailovo.
He had also written an original work: "Pharmacy Obozova , who assembled in brief from around the apothecary books. It is useful for employees of individuals and their horses when there is no doctor. They can help themselves with all their horses, and diseases. The book is compiled by work and diligence of His Majesty the reigning king presvetlogo city of Moscow Apothecary Daniel Gurchin. 1708-year". The second part of the manuscript was called as follows: "Pharmacy for house and to any man, when no doctor could help to give not only myself but also all the cattle in all kinds of illnesses. Collected from many medical books in the realm of the city of Moscow in 1708".
Work Gurchin Apteka houses ... "dedicated to Prince Alexei Petrovich and designed for urban and rural residents, and" Drugstore Obozova ... "- for the people of the military class.
Until the establishment of voluntary pharmacy, Gurchin Daniel A. was a doctor of a Imperial pharmacies.
Interestingly, the Gurchin was also a poet. He wrote the poem "The Triumph of the Polish Muses" (this is mentioned in the paper by Novikov "Experience Historical Dictionary of Russian Writers, 1772). This essay is written in Moscow in 1706 and dedicated to Peter the Great's victories over the Swedes. This work is a 14-sheet engraved text in Polish and Russian languages, with a portrait of Peter and images of battle scenes and buildings in St. Petersburg. There was and congratulations to Prince Alexander Danilovich Menshikov as associate of the king. The main text is a poem in Polish, the author also translated into Russian has errors. Apparently, Gurchin was of Polish descent, as not quite mastered Russian dialect. In the poem Gurchin dedicated to Peter, in addition to praising the king himself, is, and the thanks of the Polish patriot to defend Poland, and the joy on the occasion of their victory over the Swedes.

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